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Consumables ordering app: CMC technology update

CMC is currently trialling an application (app) that allows it’s operational staff to order consumables, chemicals and cleaning products using tablets technology directly from the site they are working on.

The app allows the user to select products and equipment from a pre-populated list. Once the order is placed using the app, it  feeds directly into CMC’s finance software, checking against an allocated budget for that site and electronically creates an order for CMC’s procurement  department to quality check and send to its suppliers to fulfill and dispatch to the site.

Historically CMC’s operational staff would email or phone in a consumable order, CMC’s procurement department would manually quality check the order against an allocated budget, manually place the order with the supplier using a specific supplier system, wait for the order to be filled and communicate the order dispatch details back to the operations staff.

CMC’s CEO Paul McCann said that a majority of this process would be done manually and was tedious.

“We went to the market and researched a system that allowed us to automate this process making it easy and paperless for our operations staff to place their consumables order and our procurement staff to execute the order.”

“We also wanted a to be able to use the same, one system to  invoice our clients and pay our suppliers more efficiently,” Paul said.

“Our new finance software allows us to do this and more such as use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology so that our software automatically speaks with our supplier’s software. This allows us to have one point of entering the stock order ( the operations staff at the site), our procurement department quality check the order and at the click of a button the order automatically is sent to our supplier for dispatch.

CMC will continue the trial of this system on partnership with key clients with the aim to roll-out Nationally by the end of this year.

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