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CMC Supervisor receives award for kindness and excellence

CMC Site Supervisor Jan Dirckze recently received the CMC Managing Directors ‘Award  for overall excellence in the area of staff management.


Jan who manages a team of 15 recently found himself having to manage a staff member through a complex human resources issue.


Jan had to come up with creative ways to ensure the staff member understood and remembered the work flow of their duties. 


CMC's Managing Director Elly Krommidas said that Jan went over and above the call of duty to help this employee.


"He translated the staff member's job and task description into her native language (when the language was foreign to him), further trained the employee and also went as far as implementing visual aids at each workstation to assist her with her tasks and processes," Elly said.


"Jan has displayed kindness, compassion and care to this staff member which is a quality we appreciate and acknowledge."


jUAN 1

CMC Managing Director Elly Krommidas presents Jan with his certificate.


jUAN 2

Juan, Elly and the team celebrate his achievements.