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Planning for the future

CMC's Leadership Team will again undertake a two day think-tank workshop to plan for CMC's future.

The Leadership team will reflect on the past year and set outcomes for the year ahead.

The workshop will be steered by an independent facilitator and will focus on CMC's strategic objective pillars of Capability, Technology and Sustainability.

CMC's Managing Director Elly Krommidas said that 2013 had been a time for substantial growth and change for CMC.

"The workshop is an opportunity for the leaders in our business to reflect on the growth we have had, future plan but also to celebrate our milestones," Elly said.

"This year, CMC celebrates its 20th birthday. This is an exciting year for us and our team and one for celebration of our growth and the goals we have achieved together".

"The workshop will be an opportunity for our team to build upon our achievements and set new goals in alignment with our strategic pillars."

The workshop will be held next week in regional Victoria.