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CMC’s quality systems audited

CMC has passed the annual surveillance audit of its quality management systems.


The audit, includes a detailed review of CMC’s Quality, OH&S and Environmental Management systems.


CMC’s EHS Compliance Manager Rola Abouassi said all elements of CMC’s systems such as Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety and Quality Management systems. 


“Some of these elements included looking deep into at our internal processes such as how we collect and review data on customer satisfaction of our clients,” Rola said.


“As part of every surveillance audit, we visit a client site to ensure that we are complying with all of our systems and requirements out on the field. Our external auditor visited one of our client’s seniors living sites to check the compliance of our cleaner’s rooms including equipment, MSDS and chemical storage amongst other things”.


“This surveillance audit ensures that are systems comply with standards but also gives us the opportunity to improve and build on our processes,” she said.