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CMC keeping staff safe

Three of CMC’s most recent internal compliance audits have passed and are compliant with no improvements required.


CMC’s EHS Compliance Manager Rola Abouassi periodically audits cleaners’ rooms, equipment and processes at CMC’s client sites to ensure that staff are following procedures and that cleaners rooms are compliant with CMC’s requirements, legislation and regulations.


“We have worked tirelessly to ensure our staff are inducted and trained in our safe work methods and it is pleasing to find, when we do random audits, that our staff are following procedures and maintaining equipment,” Rola said.


“As part of the audits, I check that all Material Data Safety Sheets are current and match the chemicals onsite and the location of the chemicals, equipment is safe to use, machinery is in good working condition and is current with test and tagging.


“I also ensure that correct colour code mops, buckets and cloths are used and stored away accordingly,” Rola said.


“In addition to this, I also assess the cleaners so they are following correct safe work practices such as displaying cleaning signage during mopping of floors, they ensure their back-pack vacuum is on correctly and they are following correct manual handling of cleaning floors.”


Information from the internal compliance audits is relayed to management and operations staff for compliance and improvement. Reports are also given to CMC’s clients.


The internal compliance audits form part of CMC’s Compliance Audit Schedule which is audited periodically by an external body.