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Meet our Green Team

CMC have been actively looking at ways to better look after our environment. We have started by looking at our business, what we can do and establishing our own Green Team campaign.

One representative from each of our key departments has been selected to be part of the campaign and research and investigate ways in which we can help the environment. From our Finance Department to Customer Service and Operations, we are all getting involved.

The team will meet on a quarterly basis to discuss projects, initiatives and improvements so we can take better care of our environment in our day-to-day operations. The team will also draw upon products and processes available in the marketplace.

The projects, initiatives and improvements will be relayed to head office staff and also to operations staff to be used at clients sites where appropriate.

CMC’s General Manager Elly Krommidas said that CMC had been working on the campaign for some time.

“To us, following environmentally friendly practices is not just about green cleaning. Although we have embraced green cleaning and it is part of our Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, for us it doesn’t stop there,” Ms Krommidas said.

“Our business has experienced rapid growth in the last year and through the Green Team Campaign and team, we can utilise the knowledge and experience of our new staff to workshop and further develop environmentally friendly processes and initiatives.”

In 2010, CMC focused on ways to conserve energy and in 2010 – 2011, have saved an average of 11% in our energy consumption.

From January 2012 to July 2012 we have achieved a 75% reduction in waste to landfill and looking at the waste streams with the recycling program have made a 67% decrease in waste to landfill by weight.  

Through our energy provider, we have now switched to 100% green power. Green Power is a government accreditation program that enables our energy provider to purchase renewable energy on our behalf.

This means that CMC now meets the highest environmental standards which is the best renewable energy choice for the environment.

CMC’s Green Team

From left: Dani, Rola, Alicja, Maria and Amanga (Elly, not pictured).


CMC Green Team Sept2013