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CMC’s Reconciliation Action Plan gets the seal of approval

CMC Property Services has recently received endorsement for its Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan from Reconciliation Australia.
CMC has made a commitment to achieving a set of key action points and measurable deliverables in the next 12 months based around education, engagement, employment and opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.
CMC’s Managing Director Elly Krommidas said that CMC is pleased to be working under the guidance of Reconciliation Australia to achieve key outcomes.
“Our main objectives are based around creating strategic action points that our team can execute such as; awareness and celebration of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and cultures, creating employment opportunities within our business and nurturing and supporting relationships and businesses,” Elly said.
“We believe we have set achievable actions and are already working hard to not only meet them but also exceed our set deliverables,”.
“It is an exciting time to be at CMC and we look forward to sharing our journey with our customers, partners and the wider community,”.
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