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CMC kicks off new year with safety campaign

CMC's National Operations Team took part in a chemical management safety workshop recently. 

The workshop, facilitated by CMC’s EHS Manager, focused on safe work methods and processes for managing chemicals in the workplace.

The workshop was a refresher course for the team that looked at labelling, correct dosing, manual handling and transportation.

CMC’s EHS Manager Rola Abouassi said the workshop reiterated what staff know but its main purpose was to bring safety with chemicals to the front of their minds.

“As part of the workshop we also looked at things like shelving and bundling of chemicals to reduce and hopefully eliminate the risk of muscle sprain and to prevent spillages or leakages for large quantities of chemicals,” Rola said.

All staff were trained on the adoption of the new WHS Regulations and the transition to the Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). The GHS system is used to classify and communicate chemical hazards using internationally consistent terms and information on chemical labels and Safety Data Sheets.

The next stage of CMC's 2017 Safety Campaign will include a workshop on electrical safety.