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CMC Community Garden continues to give back

In 2015, CMC embarked on a Community Garden project in partnership with the University of Melbourne in Hawthorn at CMC’s head office.

The aim of the Community Garden is to bring staff and CMC's partners together to cultivate and share the produce of the garden.

CMC's People and Culture Manager Nandita Rad said the garden has become a project that has given back to staff and the community in so many ways.

"We are cultivating and using our grown produce to be included in our healthy salads for lunch in the CMC Cafe. Lunch is made by our in-house cook Tony with all proceeds from the lunch donated to our charity partner Very Special Kids."

"Our Community Garden working group (made of staff) are rostered to tend to the garden, daily with duties such as watering, turning the soil, weeding and fertilising and picking the produce when it's ready,” Nandita said.

"Our produce is then put in a basket in the CMC kitchen for staff to take home if it's not used in the kitchen for our lunch."

“This project has allowed the staff to bond and take pride in what they are growing whilst giving back to their colleagues and our charity partner,” she said.

The summer season of the garden has produced tomatoes, onion, silver beet and basil.

In the coming weeks, the staff will be planting an array of herbs.

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Cook Tony with Hannah picking some produce from the garden.