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More than 130 safety audits done

CMC has completed over 130 safety audits in the past year in an effort to ​review and ​train ​staff on preventative safety measures.

The random onsite safety audits ​have a dual purpose; ​firstly to ensure that our cleaners rooms meet client and legislative requirements, and to ensure that operational staff are aware ​​of procedures in relation to chemical, equipment use, safe work methods and manual handling procedures.

CMC’s EHS Compliance Manager Rola Abouassi, who conducts the audits, said that through the audits, CMC have an opportunity to ​regularly attend client sites and see how staff operate within them.

"This ​allows us ​the opportunity to monitor and ​train staff, where needed, on how to complete their tasks safely".

“Working safely is our number one priority. Our staff are the focus of our operations and we want them to be safe in everything aspect of their role, from cleaning to maintaining our cleaners room," Rola said.

The audits include checks on:

  • Cleaners rooms- clear from obstructions and equipment and chemicals are stored safely.
  • Site folder audit-current CMC policies, current Safe Work Method Statements, Communication and Sign in/Sign off books are being utilised accordingly.
  • Equipment/machinery is safe, in good working order with current test and tag.
  • Chemicals onsite are approved, stored appropriately in lockable storage areas, labelled correctly and dispenser is in good working order.
  • Fire and Emergency evacuation procedures are reviewed.
  • Observation and review of staff in workplace.
  • Manual Handling practices are being adhered to whilst cleaners are working.

Rola Safety Audits

From left: CMC Cleaner Manny with Rola.