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Safety campaign focuses on incident reporting

CMC held an Incident Reporting training session with its operations team today.

The session, part of CMC’s Safety Campaign, included consultation and retraining with all staff to ensure that incidents/near misses are reported within a timely manner.

CMC’s EHS Compliance Manager Rola Abouassi said the training session highlighted the importance of reporting incidents or near misses accurately.

“Incident reporting is an integral part of continuous improvement and assists CMC in identifying trends and patterns so as to implement preventative measures.”

“Sessions like these help in minimising re-occurrences of incidents and near misses. It also allows us to identify areas where more training may be required as a result of potential gaps in our Safe Work Method Statements for job tasks.”

“We have recently developed a new improved incident/near miss form to prompt our team in ensuring that a full investigation is conducted and crucial information is captured,” Rola said.

“We have seen a reduction in loss-time injuries over the past 12 months and we believe this is result of our Safety Campaigns and our constant analysis of practices and training.”

CMC’s Safety Campaigns are held bi-monthly and cover various operational topics such as; electrical safety, fire and emergency safety, Safe Work Method Statement procedures, chemical management and health and well-being.


Rola with the Victorian Operations team today.