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CMC gets a four-star FGC Benchmark rating for cleaning Council Assets

 CMC has achieved a 28% improvement in healthy cleaning and a four star FGC Benchmark rating and following an audit on a local government contract that it services.

Independent auditor Bridget Gardner from Fresh Green Clean (FGC) has recently completed a FCG Benchmark Audit of selected sites at CMC ‘s client Boroondara City Council.

The aim of the audit was for CMC to work in partnership with client, Boroondara City Council and FGC to re-define best practices in the delivery of cleaning services under three core goals: healthy cleaning, sustainable cleaning and hygienic cleaning.

FGC Auditor Bridget Gardner said the innovative audit program captures an organisation’s cleaning products and processes in a series of ‘cleaning plans’. These cleaning plans are then rated against the benchmark criteria and used to form ‘apps’ for on-site performance auditing that measure their effectiveness.

“The purpose of the auditing program is to ensure consistent, quality, safe and sustainable cleaning standards are being set and delivered company-wide.”

“It does this by pin-pointing risks at their source, providing guidance to address them, and setting a benchmark against which the organisation can continually improve and compare their sites,” Bridget said.

The audit, done in two parts, included an in-depth analysis of CMC’s documented procedures, products and equipment. CMC were provided with a findings report, an interim rating, and recommendations for improvement. The second part involved on-site auditing of the cleaning practices and changes made by CMC, as recommended in the report.

CMC also worked with FGC as they introduced the use of scientific ATP testing devices to measure protein and cleanliness levels on frequently touched surfaces, and to prove the effectiveness of their new practices.

“CMC have introduced many improvements to achieve these great results giving them an overall four star rating for the building,” Bridget said.

“CMC’s commitment to the FGC Benchmark program has given us the opportunity to develop their cleaning plans into a suite of tailorable tools and resources. This in turn, will build on CMC’s capacity to train and monitor conformance to their best practice cleaning plans, and as a result, improve the outcome and the audit ratings for their clients in other buildings.”

“CMC are demonstrating exceptional leadership and transparency by exposing their whole cleaning process to an external auditor, flaws and all, and being willing to undergo a transformation from the ground up. It shows the level of commitment that CMC have to quality, sustainability and a professional service,” she said.

For more information on the FGC Benchmark Audit, visit:

Bridget ATP benchmarking

Pictured:Bridget with the ATP testing device