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Electrical Safety a focus for February

Our Risk Compliance and Quality Team delivered the first safety campaign of the year on electrical safety today.

The session focused on the risks aswell as mitigation strategies associated with using electrical equipment.

National Risk, Compliance and Quality Manager Alexandra Faull, gave the operations team information and tips on how to work safely by ensuring equipment is in good working order and ensuring pre-start checks are completed.

“Our campaign is aimed at operational staff. By upskilling the team, we can collaboratively work together to get the best outcomes for our clients."

“Our aim is to ensure we progress from best practice to better practice. By continually sharing, training and collaborating with staff on safety, we will be industry leaders in safety at work."

"This will be achieved as a direct result of better trained staff, who then in turn make safe decisions at work, which ultimately leads to reduce injuries and work place incidents,” Alexandra said.

“As a result of our 2017 Safety Campaign Series, we saw more proactive discussions in the workplace with regard to work practices, increased continue improvement suggestions and a reduction in injuries.”

Remaining Safety Campaign sessions for 2018 include:

  • Chemical Management
  • Incident Reporting,
  • Security, Fire and Emergency
  • SWMS / Safe Work Practices
  • Health and Well Being

Electrical safety Feb 18 2Electrical safety Feb 18 2