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Learning more about Sustainable Procurement

CMC’s Managing Director and Senior Purchasing Officer attended a workshop on Sustainable Procurement Fundamentals.

The workshop, run by ECO-Buy focused on understanding sustainable procurement, impacts and risks and how to incorporate practically into CMC’s operations.

CMC’s Managing Director Elly Krommidas said that the workshop was particularly informative.

“The workshop gave us some key information and ways and ideas that we can further incorporate sustainable procurement practices into CMC’s daily operations.”

“Having a broader understanding on how our purchases and processes impact the environment and society will assist in our long-term awareness,” Elly said.

“We want to constantly improve and ensure we are using products and services that make us more efficient, decrease costs, and reduce waste and our carbon footprint.”

The workshop gave information on the following objectives:

  • Understanding what sustainable procurement is and its drivers.
  • Understanding what attributes make a good/service socially or environmentally preferable.
  • Identifying significant sustainability impacts & risks.
  • Understanding how sustainable procurement practice can be put in place.
  • Understanding where to find tools, case studies and supporting information.
  • Identifying next steps for your organisation.



CMC are members of ECO-BUY