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CMC keeps staff informed on slip, trip and fall resistance

CMC held an information session for its National Operations Team on slip, trip and fall resistance. The information session, part of CMC’s Safety Campaign Training was held to raise awareness and improve processes.

CMC engaged a floor consulting specialist to inform the team on slips, trips and fall statistics across Australia, due diligence and correct chemical usage and cleaning processes.

CMC’s EHS Compliance Manager Rola Abouassi said that the information session acted as a refresher for staff of safety procedures but also informed staff on new ways and processes to avoid slips, trips and falls.

“Our aim, as always, is to keep our operational staff informed about procedures and process improvement, regulation updates and general safety awareness,” Rola said.

“We have engaged specialists who have the latest data and up-to-date information to educate our team with the overarching aim of looking at better ways of doing things so that we can reduce near misses and incidents.”

 The training covered the following topics:

  • Trends and Analysis Statistics of Slips and Trips.
  • Account Managers’ responsibilities of safety.
  • Consequences of injured staff.
  • Statistics of slips, trips and falls within Australia
  • Risk Assessments - floor safety assessments that assess factors such as lighting, textures, distractions, activities, stairs, slopes, deterioration, contamination and cleaning factors of a specific type of floor that can change overtime. 
  • Comprehensive Floor Consulting i.e. fitness for intended use/application if a product is specified or sold for use in the wrong application, flooring material will not perform satisfactorily issues.
  • Ongoing monitoring programs i.e. audit of slip testing program and testing slip resistance of a specific floor type such as vinyl in which can be a contributing factor to slips can be buffing and or polishing of floors. 

Slip training July 2014

 CMC’s National Operations Team attend information session on slip, trip and fall resistance.