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Cleaners cement CMC's honesty policy

Two of CMC’s cleaning operations staff have recently received acknowledgement for adhering to CMC’s honesty policy and handing in a wallet and mobile phone found on their cleaning rounds.


Manpreet Singh and Pardeep Singh were each presented with a gift voucher by their Site Supervisor Fahim Noorani acknowledging their honesty.


CMC’s National Operations Manager Max Newman said that the cleaners, who work in a major Melbourne high-rise, had followed CMC’s protocol of reporting and handing in any lost property found at customers sites.


“Our cleaners are constantly coming across lost property of this nature and we have always maintained stringent policies and procedures on reporting lost property across all sites that we service.”


“We rely on the integrity and honesty of our operations staff to ensure they follow our policies and procedures and when they do, we ensure that we reward them,” Max said.


CMC’s Managing Director Elly Krommidas said that cleaners such as Manpreet and Pardeep not only set an example for other cleaners but instil the confidence in management and customers that CMC’s honesty policy is being fulfilled.


Cleaners rewarded for honesty 072014


From left: Site Supervisor Fahim Noorani presenting cleaners Manpreet Singh and Pardepp Singh with gift vouchers.